Terry Makhlouf,

Managing Director,

Westside Petroleum Group

(NSW, Vic)

fast&ezy provides the Westside Petroleum Group with professional service and support. Their clean look contemporary shop design integrates seamlessly with Westside Petroleum’s branding. UCB are a long term partner of the Westside Petroleum Group and have been an in integral part of its customer value proposition. We look forward to maintaining this great and successful partnership well into the future.

Greg Gibson,

Sales Manager,

City and Regional Fuels (WA)

City and Regional Fuels has been a Member of UCB for over 12 years, which is a testament in its own right. Reg, Darren and the crew have been like a family over the years, helping us develop our stores. We run seven stores, all with UCB. Their monthly promotional shop program makes our life easy, giving our stores all they require to look professional and stay competitive. The UCB buying power saves us money, with their strength, and with not having to negotiate with suppliers ourselves. UCB’s annual Conference is second to none with a top trade show incorporated. This is a great time to learn from your peers and pick up some great deals. City and Regional Fuels would not be where we are today without their help.

Ian Smith,

Caltex, Kurri Kurri (NSW)

We average over 800 customers through our doors every day, yet our conversion of these customers to a food or coffee related sale was minimal, considering the margins on these items, it was really a no-brainer. This is something we had to do & do right! So when the guys from UCB unveiled the cafe eroma concept at the 2013 conference, I had a light bulb moment. I knew this was meant to be. All I wish, is that we did this sooner. Our pie sales have doubled due to having a more professional looking food display, our wastage has halved due to displaying cold & baking on request and our coffee sales which was non-existent prior to cafe eroma is almost growing every day. Best of all, we have not had to change our staffing levels what so ever, so all of this is additional profit.

Peri Hortis,

Saviges Road Service Station,

Moe (Vic)

We’ve been UCB members for over 11 years, so when we decided to pull it down and rebuild, we decided to jump on board with fast&ezy. We pulled down the old building and rebuilt from scratch because it was old and tired. It needed work and we needed more space and it was easier to start again. The guys at UCB are good people who do great deals for us. We liked the idea of what they were doing with fast&ezy and thought we would sign up. We did look around at what some of the others were doing but honestly, all the UCB deals are better than anything else out there, so that’s why we decided to jump on board. The customers response has been very positive. They love the bright colours, the improvements to the store, and they think it’s good for the town. It’s now a service station store that is pleasant and enjoyable to be in and they say you don’t always go to a store this good, that’s comfortable and a great environment.