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New Dates 26th April – 28th April 2022., Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast QLD
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Thank you for your interest in the 2022 UCB National Conference & Trade Show.


Unfortunately, due to overwhelming demand from our Members, our registrations have now closed. However, Trade Show & Business Sessions are still open please register via the link below. paces may appear due to cancellations and so we have created a waiting list to ensure we can fill any openings, which we strongly encourage you to join. We’ll let you know immediately, should you be offered a place. 

We are and have endured a change to our lives that is unplanned and, in many cases, uncertain. Managing teams and businesses (and dealing with some new fears and shopper behaviours) has had its challenges, but we have all pitched in so we could overcome them together.

We are not done yet, but pride and resilience are in strong supply across the UCB Members, Trade Partners and the UCB Team. We can’t wait to see you all in attendance at our exciting 2022 National Conference and Trade Show as we return to the new business normal.


Business Session

Networking Activities

Welcome Dinner

Plenary Session

Trade Show

Rio Carnivale Gala Dinner